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Interpreting lab results

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Hi Dr. Bob,

My little one (two years old) recently had blood drawn and I received a copy of the results. A few levels were slightly higher than the range, one was lower. I would appreciate your thoughts. I have a blood clotting disorder and was wondering if the slight increase is anything to be concerned about.

Hematocrit level was 2.1 points above the referenced range

MCV was 1 point above the referenced range

MCHC was 0.5 points below the referenced range

Lymps (absolute) was 0.4 points above the referenced range

Lead level was 1. Should it be zero?

Would you recommend a re-check after a specific amount of time? Would you recommend withholding vaccination at this point due to the above numbers?

Thanks again so much for your time. I greatly appreciate it.
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These numbers are fine. totally within good ranges. Nothing to worry about. lead often reads at 1 or 2. sometimes zero. 1 is ok in my opinion. these levels wouldn't have any bearing on vaccines.
Hi Dr. Sears,

Thank you so much for your clarification. I really appreciate your time.
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