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Interview Questions for a Pedi.

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Hello all,

I am due in August with our first and trying to find a good pediatrician or family practitioner. Does anyone have a good list of interview questions? We are not planning on vaxing- so that will be question #1 on the phone, but I need ideas for further questions.


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I just did this at the beginning of the year. I needed to find a new pediatrician since we were no longer a good "fit" with the old one. I did many, many informal telephone interviews, and three formal face to face interviews before I made my choice. A few of my questions:

Vaxing -- believe it or not, this wasn't a problem with anyone
Alternative therapy receptiveness -- more of an issue
Views on AP, esp extended breastfeeding, co-sleeping, nighttime parenting
Time allotted for routine and sick visits
Stance on medication, esp antibiotics
Willingness to work with specialists and provide referrals
Number of providers in practice, timeliness of appts, after-hours issues
Expertise in dealing with special issues (all of my kids have special needs)

Good luck,

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I met with our ped a week or two before dd was born. The ped assured me that she returns phone calls the same day (important to me). I knew she was the right ped for us because she made it clear that she was more than happy to give me bf support and help if I needed it.
Thanks for the ideas!

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