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Interview subject needed ASAP - low supply mom & donated/banked milk

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There is a journalist at the Boston Herald (one of
Boston's two daily papers) who is writing an article on the
increased demand for banked/donated milk.

She would like to interview one or two women who have not been
able to produce enough of their own milk, for whatever reason, who
have tried to use banked milk. Sometimes these women succeed and
other times, there are barriers such as the banked milk is too costly
and they can't get insurance to cover it. If any of you knows someone
who would be willing to be interviewed for such an article, please
let me know and I will pass on the necessary contact info. She would
like to find someone today (Tues 4/11) or tomorrow at the latest
(newspapers are always on a deadline)

Contact me at [email protected] and I will pass your email along, so that you can contact the journalist.

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You could try posting in TAO with a linky to this thread, see if you can drum up more responses sooner.
Thanks to all of you who offered to help.

I am told that the article will appear in the Boston
Herald on Thursday, April 13.

If I find the article, I'll post the link.

I believe this is the article that was looking for interview subjects.

Buying breast milk online is risky business
By Jessica Fargen / Boston Herald
Thursday, April 13, 2006

Demand for breast milk has hit a 20-year high in the United States, causing some experts to worry that desperate women who can't afford to buy expensive milk to nurse their babies will turn to the Internet, where mother's milk is sold cheap and without regulation.

At $3 an ounce -- about $100 a day -- many moms can't afford to buy from a regulated milk bank, but with a few clicks they can find it for as little as $1 an ounce. Diseases such as HIV and hepatitis can be transmitted through untreated breast milk.

(see link for full article)

Janice Reynolds
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Why do they always try to sensationalize the down side of milk sharing? Can't they show a good arrangement?
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i get only mom-to-mom donated milk. I wouldn't use pasteurized milk... there are now studies that show that nutritionally, pasteurized milk is no more beneficial than formula. And I'm certainly not going to pay $3 an ounce for pasteurized milk.

I would never pay anyone for milk-- sorry, their motivation would worry me.

I take lots of donated milk though. My last baby was fed with donated milk for 14 mos. I take only milk from people I know or who know someone I know, and I like to see the healthy baby that's been drinking the milk to prove it's good milk.

Hepetitis and Aids don't worry me at all--- for one thing the women are tested in pregnancy and their doctors wouldn't let them breastfeed if they had those diseases. If they have a healthy baby, their milk is good.
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