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Into....and rant.....

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: I Can't believe that I am posting this, but It makes me feel better to talk about it. I currently am a SAHM to 4 beautiful children. My youngest is 11months old today, and I am exclusively BF him. My husband and I are not actively trying to concieve anymore children, but my cycles have not been regular due to the BF. I have been charting, but due to our recent move I have not kept current with my chart. (temping and checking CF) I am on cycle day 18 and last night I decided to check my CF, it was ALOT of EW......Hubby and I BD'd ( I know I should have said not tonight, but I really wanted to do it as well ) When I checked my Temp this morning it was 98.1
It usually runs about 97.1-97.4 Although I have not taken it the last 1 1/2 weeks. I'm not sure that NFP is for me, because It seems that when I am the most fertile is when I want it the most..
Anyway I guess I will know in about 2weeks if this one night has added up to a baby
Does this qualify me for the two week wait or what ever it is called? Thanks for reading if you got this far.
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It sure would put you in the 2ww. Did you want to be added to the list? Are you TTC - or planning to?

Good luck for whatever outcome you wish for!
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