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Intro and a Plea for help!! (also posted on Life with a Babe)

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Intro and a PLEA for help!


Hi everyone,

I'm sorry to have my first post be an immediate plea for help, but I've been putting off introducing myself.

My DS (first babe) is 10 weeks old. I used to be as mainstream as they come, and since first researching the vax issue (he is unvaxed and will probably stay that way), I am now questioning everything and am in a really terrifying place. I am trying to change everything fast, but there is so much to learn.

The first disaster was BF. I tried SO hard, but something terrible happened. I had a "reaction" to oxytocin. It is such an incredibly long story that maybe I'll post it another time, but for now lets say I tried to BF for one horrible week, and tried to relactate 2 weeks ago, and ended up with an adrenalyn reaction both times, pounding heart, total insomnia, shaking and horrible anxiety. It has also caused a relapse of a thyroid disorder I have (Graves Disease). So lets just say for now, BF will make me very sick.

Here's my problem:

I have suspected a while DS might have a sensitivity or allergy to milk protein. (Either that, or it's reflux in which case this is all moot).


chronic stuffy, nasal congestion
red ring around anus
temp. always around 99.4
VERY fussy after eating
needs another 1/2 ounce about an hour after eating
stools are really slimy

So I called the ped. today and they suggested trying soy formula. I am not too thrilled about it because of the sugar in the soy formula, as well as potential allergy issues with soy etc.

The ped. suggested to try soy for 1 week and see if it improves. Is a week long enough to fully get the allergens out?

Or, should I be trying a hypoallergenic formula such as nutramigen? (which has corn syrup solids too)?

Or, maybe there's a company out there that acutally makes a NO sugar infant formula?

Believe me, I would sooooo rather be BF. To the point where I'm even considering it again even if it makes me sick (which doesn't make a whole lot of sense but I'm at the end of my rope)!

I am a huge believer in allergies/sensitivies causing terrible problems in life. For me, I haven't eaten anything processed in 2 years (esp. during my pregnancy) and maybe that's why DS is so sensitive??? I don't know!

He is in the 90th percentile for weight and eats 40+ ounces a day at only 10 weeks.

Help!! I'll take any advice I can get.
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Sorry to hear of all your troubles! Glad you found MDC. You might want to check out the website. They advocate making your own formula, which sounds scary, but maybe not as scary as letting a factory make it for you! Anyway, they advocate giving the baby raw milk, instead of pasturized milk, because a lot of milk allergies are caused by the pasturization process. They also think that bone broth is a good alternative to formula. Good luck!
I moved this to the allergies forum to see if you might get more response.
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