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Intro and hello

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I am 6 weeks along with my third pregnancy (2nd baby- had one m/c last year). I've already met with and selected a homebirth midwife and am greatly looking forward to a new addition in our family. I am a doula and I'm also studying to be a cbe through ALACE. My husband, daughter, and I live in Indiana.

I can't wait to share our experiences over the next 9 months! I hope to find many like-minds here. My first pregnancy I belonged to a more mainstream ddc and I was the only "crazy" one wanting a natural birth, etc.

Here's to great pregnancies!
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Big congrats, Rachelle! You're amongst your kind here. lol Seriously, though, you'll find your views are more the norm here than any other ddc I've been in.


I forgot to long have you been a doula? Are you planning on having one at your birth?

I'd love to have a doula at this birth & have a few friends who are doula's on hiatus. I'll have to see if I can snag one this time around.

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Hi Rachelle,

Welcome!!!!! I am also planning a homebirth too! I had my consultation appt last night and all went well. I get that feeling of being out of place with my own family. They think I am
!!! Thankfully I feel at home here!!!! Have a H&H nine
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I've been a doula for almost 2 years now. I'm "hiring" my best friend who is a doula to be with me at the birth. I would never birth without a doula. For one, my dh needs some severe instruction and help (found that out the first time around). Secondly, my doula will know exactly what I want and need to help me labor more effectively...she will make me feel safe enough to birth. There is something special about another woman- unattached from the responsibility of safety of the birth- helping me through.

Lots of people ask "You're a doula and know enough to get you through birth, so what's the point of hiring one?" And the answer is this: When I'm in labor, I will have the mind of a laboring woman, and not of a doula. I will be just as likely as other women to have the "transition breakdown", the scare of not being able to do it, being afraid to push, etc. My doula will function very much as emotional support to get me through those hard times.

Definitely investigate your doula options if it sounds like you'll be wanting a doula. It's never too early to check out your options.

Good luck!
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