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Intro and story

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Hi Mamas
My name is Shea I dont get much time on this site my boys keep me quite busy but I wanted to say Hello

I am 28, Dh Mike is 29 we have 2 beautiful sons Jordan who is 7 and Cole who is 1, Cole and I have a very strong nursing relationship and I freely challenge anyone IRL who has the nerve to approach me about NIP or Nursing an older baby (my area is very anti-bfing in general)

I wanted to share my families story

As a child I had no idea that babies suckled at the breast I was brought up that they had bottles and that was it!!
My Mother had 3 children and got this shot to dry up her milk!!
Can you imagine!!!
Well when I was 7yo we moved and I met my uncles wife and she was nursing her 1yo and I was like eww what is she doing
and she explained that she was nursing and it took alot of explaining and calming before I was not totally freaking out (gee thanks Mom
: ) But I never thought of it again after she weaned my cousin at 3yo. Just wrote her off as some kind of freak.

My Mother and her sisters did not Bf and never even mentioned it or anything.

I was shocked when I found out that all the women in my generation and my brothers wife BF
we didnt really know until a family get together. My cousin Bf her dd till 18mo, my sister bf her dd till 3yo and is now bfing her 6mo, my brothers wife bf her first son to 9mo (weaned when she found out she was pg again) and is currently bfing her 4mo, I am nursing my 1yo with no intention of ever force weaning its HIS decision

I'm just so proud of my generation for researching and making our own decisions and not letting the past dictate our lives

Thanks for letting me share
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Hi Shea! Welcome to EBF!

It is so wonderful to have the support of your family. BF'ng brings families closer together. Including your extended family. Also, you are showing your children how natural, and beautiful the bf'ng relationship is and the next generation is so much more likly to bf. How cool is that?
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I see from your sig line that our boys are very close in age

My first ds's bday is 1/19/96 and my seconds is 10/11/02
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I was unsure of what it would be like to have children so far apart, but our experience has been incredibly positive. I like having some years between them. It is so neat to have two kids at two very different stages in development. Pax and Jayd LOVE each other so much. Thay play together a lot and we were very lucky to have no jealousy from Pax. They are so in love. Paxton says that his little brother is amazing. I can see in Jayden's eyes that the feeling is mutual.
I know what you mean I was a bit nervous since Jordan was an only child for so long but he really is the best, we havent had any problems the boys are super close and definately look to each other for comfort and entertainment

Plus it is really neat to have Jordan read to Cole at night I think it is creating a very special bond
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