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Hi all. I am a proud mom to a wonderful 2 1/2 yr old and expecting #2 at the end of Dec/early Jan. I'm really hoping to have a VBAC for this baby, but I'm not a good candidate- luckily my midwife (who only practices in the clinic/hospital and is a guy) is willing to let me try! Sorry I noticed this is a LONGer story than I first intended!

As a quickie summary with my DS my labor wasn't terrible- short, but not too sweet for delivery. My midwife of course was on vacation
so another midwife filled in. While I had seen her a few times I specifically did not choose her as my main provider. She didn't follow a single thing in my birth plan, all the way from not breaking my water (which she did) to using alternative methods for induction (which she never even tried) to using internal monitoring, to an episiodomy when I asked to tear instead. This time things WILL be different!

ETA: Oh yeah, forgot the really fun part is my episiodomy didn't heal right so at 2 weeks post partum I got to have it recut and stitched, boy that was fun
To have two episiodomies AND a c-section is just insane!

The longer version- With DS I ended up getting pitocin for some reason at 7 cm after only laboring for 10 hrs, my uterus was severely overstimulated and went from 7 to 10cm in under 30 seconds and they couldn't get the contractions to stop so they had to give me something else to slow it back down so I'd be able to push. After about 2 pushes DS's head was crowning and you could see his hair. I pushed for 2 1/2 hrs more and could not get him out. I had an episiodomy and three vacuum attempts in addition to a 2nd degree tear and a broken tailbone from pushing. His heartrate was dropping so they ended up rushing me to the OR and did an emergency c-section with the top layer of tissue transverse, but the uterine incision was vertical because it was a true emergency operation (the 2 minute kind!) To get him out they had to break a couple of my ribs to push him back up through the birth canal. They tell me he was shoulders up and down with the cord wrapped under his armpit then around his neck and told me there is no way I could have had him vaginally and both of us live because if he had come out it would have detached the placenta and I would have bled out.

Now, I also have rheumatoid arthritis (which is like lupus- not the old lady type of osteoarthritis!!) so I had a very terrible recovery not able to even brush my teeth for a couple weeks (I could brush, just couldn't spit!) couldn't move around well, and couldn't even push a grocery cart until close to 10-12 weeks. I'm told its because I BF'd my son and that causes the disease to accelerate.

Anywho... LONG story I know. But I'm really hoping things will work out better this time. Seriously, can't get a whole lot worse now could it?! I'm very lucky that my midwife (who visited me 2 days after DS was born) told me right then and there that we could go VBAC for the next one
So, thats my story, hopefully I'll have a new one for you soon!
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