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Hi ladies, I am new to this board (I have been posting over at the diapering board). I currently have 1 nursling - DD Taylor who will be 8 weeks tomorrow. I nursed my DS Caleb for 1 year. He was 6 weeks preterm, but nursed like a champ! He soon was chubbier than full term babies - gotta
mommas butter milk!! I never thought much about extended BF, but thinking Taylor might be my last baby, I can completely see myself nursing 2 years. And when my son was weaned I wasn't prepared for the heartache to follow. I thought "wow, a whole year and I am free!!!" But when it was over I felt like "how could I deny my baby?"
So I think we will be nursing longer this time

I am totally into BF advocacy too. I love attending LLL meetings, and have a BF bumper sticker on my car. I convinced 2 of my friends BF was the ONLY way to feed your baby too!

Anyhow, before I start to ramble, just wanted to say hi and I will be lurking the boards for awhile.....
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