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Introducing Goat's Milk?

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My DD is 13 months and a very dedicated nurser. She still gets 90% of her calories from BM. She loves orange juice in a sippy cup, and she eats a little banana here and there, but that's all the interest she's shown in solids.

I was idly thinking about getting some goat's milk this weekend to see if she'd like it. Is there any reason to do it, or to NOT do it? I know she's not about to wean herself--I just thought she might like to try something new.

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My 16 m/o gets goat milk mostly b/c her brother gets it and that's not a battle I want to choose.
I think a little is ok, but the risk is that if she is getting her calories/liquids from milk, she'll eventually need breastmilk less (thus also eventually weaning early if you continued with it).

I wholeheartedly respect that some people are not ok with introducing that risk, but I haven't noticed a difference in how often she nurses, so

ETA: I realize after re-reading that you weren't probably talking about the weaning risk, sorry. As far as benefits, again, I know a lot of people totally disagree with me, but I think that the goat milk my dd gets just enhances her nutrition. Lots of good stuff in raw milk, methinks. Hope that's a little more help!
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