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Introducing myself from Guam

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Hi everyone! My name is Michelle and I am an aspiring doula.
I am from Guam and have one son, turning 1yr this month!

There is currently only one doula here and she is training 3 women, myself included.
We are forming a doula association and hope to progress things here as much as possible by opening up more options to pregnant families and offering childbirth education (with a natural touch of course
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Just wanted to add that I'm currently reading "The Birth Partner" and lovin it so far.
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Welcome to the doula gang, Shell! I think you'll find doula work to be extremely satisfying. I LOVE my job! It can be hard, frustrating, and oh, so gratifying (when a mom says to you..."Oh, my gosh! I DID it!" and you can say, "Yes, you did...isn't your body awesome?!). I have always loved seeing pregnant women, and now I love it even more, because I might get to tell them about doula supported birth. Not even to get myself a client, but to have one more woman who has been empowered in their birth experience.

Oh, and
to MDC's midwife/doula/CBE board! We hope to see more of you around here!
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