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Introducing myself!

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Hello everyone! I'm about to post a question, so I thought I'd introduce myself first!

My name is Annette, my son's name is Aden and he was born 1/15/04 via c-section after 24 hours of horrible induced labor. We basically went down the check list of What Not To Do and had every medical intervention I didn't want but my doctor thought I needed. Nursing got off to a rough start due to Hospital Policies but we're a happy nursing pair now with no plans of quitting anytime soon.

DH and I live in Houston with Aden, Piglet the Chihuahua & Ginger the cat. We have been married for 7 years. DH isn't crunchy at all, but he doesn't mind that I am (and getting more so all the time!). He basically does what I say is right. Gotta love it!
(I love the smilies on this board!) I wear the baby, our stroller is my shopping cart, the crib is Aden's "Playscape" for while I'm folding diapers and he sleeps with my boob in his mouth at night.

I discovered cloth while I was pregnant and was fascinated by all the choices and CUTE diapers available and quickly became an addict! Now I buy and sell diapers like some people do Stocks. Hee! I'm excited to join you all!

Now I'm gonna go post my question cuz I need HELP!
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Welcome! Looks like you fit right in! :LOL What types of diapers have you been using?
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Hey, our little guys are just days apart!

Welcome to the boards, we'll try and keep you sane.
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Ooo, thanks for asking! I Just love to talk about my diapers! Hee! I started out with Kissaluvs size 0 when Aden was born, those worked great for us when he was tiny. I moved on to Fuzzi Bunz smalls until his chubby thighs outgrew them before his skinny waist. I also used Sugarpeas size 1s. I had some wool covers in the beginning but I decided I didn't like the bulk cuz I love to dress him up in cute outfits!
My favorite covers are Bummis pull on Whisper pants. I like the SIWW too, but mostly for night. It's so stiff to me during the day and seems to pinch his tummy.

Anyway, I sold off all my Kissaluvs, FBs and Sugarpeas and started buying new stuff a couple months ago. I got some Lily Bottoms AIOs and Bunny Hugs AIOs. I thought I'd like to use all AIOs, but now I'm getting back into loving fitteds with a cover again. I've got some Fun Organic cotton diapers that I LOVE, a couple of Growing Greens hemp diapers that are awesome, and 1 Cuddlebuns diaper that rocks. I've got more Cuddlebuns on the way now! I'm in LOVE with them! I love the velour on the inside too, it's so soft and dry feeling but still absorbent! Love that! I've also got a growing collection of Wonderoos. I love how trim they are for wearing underneath clothes. Plus DH will use those the most since they're easiest for him.

DH used to only put a sposie on Aden when he'd change him but I fixed that. No sposies in the house anymore! Heehee 9 times out of 10, when he changes a diaper, he will bring me Aden in a fitted that without a cover, but it's okay. At least he tries.

Next, I want to get my hands on a FCB diaper!

So much fun!
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Welcome aboard!!
Hi! I too went through a long labor(26 hours and pushed for 2 1/2 hrs) and still ended in a c-section
My ds was 9lbs 12oz!
We're all addicted here, so I'm sure you will love it!
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I have just been looking in your pic album. what a cutie you have on your hands. and wlecome to MDC.........
I'm so glad you've joined us over here!
Your CD addiction is going to get even worse if you hang out with us though...
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HI Annette!

|Now I buy and sell diapers like some people do Stocks.|

OMG...I love your sense of humor and I can SO relate! lol. I buy one kind of diaper, then discover i don't like them...Then I buy a bunch of others and the same thing happens. And so on, and so on. rofl.
I have an 18m old so I can't help ya out with a young one but I LOVE AIO's! Even if i had a newborn, i'd use AIO's. I'm hooked!

ohmygosh, I love this board already! Thanks for the warm welcome everyone!
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