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introduction and nipple confusion question

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Hello! My name is Giovanna and I am a mother of Sara (2.5years) and Juana (3 months). I am desperate looking for advice... and I will like to hear from moms that have overcome nipple confusion....

My baby was nursing and taking mm bottles with no problem... but suddenly, a week ago, with a mild cold she started to refuse agressively the breast (turns her head, screams, prefers her little finger)... so we spent the past 3 days with no bottles only syringe feeding....I also try cosleeping, bathing together, etc... but no progress for the moment...

So this are my questions...
1 for how long does nipple confusion last? It seems forever..
2 is there a mom in this group who overcome nipple confusion?
3 for how long I should try?

Than you!!
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Keep trying! don't give up! Go to bed with baby for 3 days- have dh or someone else take care of everything else and bring you food. Do nothing for 3 days but nurse nurse nurse. See if that improves things.

good luck!

My baby started daycare full time at 2 mo. We were doing great with nursing, but then at 3 mo. she went on a nursing strike. About this time, they figure out that the milk comes out of the bottle quicker than the breast. Here's the link to my thread:
There is a link to an excellent article that I highly recommend you read. We ended up switching to the Avent bottles and instructed the workers to hold her upright during feedings to make her work for the milk and she has done wonderful ever since! Don't give up!
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Don't have an answer to your question but I hope you find some answers. Welcome to MDC
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Welcome to MDC!
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Check out the Breastfeeding Forums if you still have questions about your situation. It's a great place to get info./wisdom.
giovanna - did you find something that worked for you? my 5 mo old dd is going through the same thing. i am so bummed. she has refused to nurse at all for days now. for months she has preferred the bottle except at night when she would nurse. i'm going to try angela's advice this weekend i think and i'm going to look up scheelimama's thread.
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