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Since I seem to have come out of lurkdom and posted a few times, I thought I should introduce myself.

I am Mellanie, wife to an absolutley wonderful man and mom to a 5.5yo ds (Ryan) and a 2.5yo dd (Rachel). I am a lactation consultant working 2 days per week at a local hospital (which I really, really hate and plan to leave as soon as we can financially afford it) and I have a small private practice that I run from my home.

Homeschooling has been in the back of my mind for awhile. Before my first child was born I thought homeschooling was just wrong. I had all of the usual arguments - kids wouldn't get enough socialization, kids are too sheltered, you have to be really smart, you can't teach kids advanced science, math, etc if you aren't good at it, and so on. The last few years, as my first has approached school age, I have been thinking more seriously about it. I have friends that homeschool and I have seen that there are alot of options in my area for homeschoolers for socialization, sports, classes at private schools to supplement homeschooling, etc. I started lurking here and reading about two weeks ago and I have learned a tremendous amount.

On the other hand, the majority of my friends send their kids to public school. I have seen their frustration with things such as full-day kindergarten being mandatory (if we send my ds to kindergarten, he will be gone from 8:15 am to 3:15 pm!), short lunch times (20 min, start to finish) during which they are not aloud to talk. Lunch may be served as early as 10:30am. They complain about the homework, they complain about problems with teachers and administration, complain about what is and is not being taught in school and complain about what their kids learn from other kids. I have heard very few positive experiences. My dearest friend, who is a public school teacher herself, had a horrible experience with her daughters kindy teacher. I have really been dreading my kids starting school. It is so liberating to come hear and find that there is an alternative. I don't know why everyone just accepts the problems with ps instead of avoiding it by homeschooling. It has changed very little in the last 20-30 years and I don't see much positive change coming in the future. It's nice to learn that I don't have to subject my children to bullies, bad teachers, long days and hours of homework. I just need to work out a few details and do some more research and I have a feeling we will be joining your ranks for good before long. Thanks for letting me lurk and learn so much!
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