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Intuitive When it Comes to Pregnancies?

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OK...bear with me here.

I've been experiencing some rather weird phenomena regarding dreams and pregnancy (pregnancy in general...not pertaining to myself actually BEING pregnant).

7 years ago my aunt was pregnant with her middle child. They were not finding out the sex. Shortly before the baby was born (dont remember the exact time was a long time ago) I had a dream that she had a baby girl and named her Jessica. This was not a name she had considered at the times we talked, but she did, indeed, have a baby girl named Jessica.

Last year, a coworker of mine became pregnant. Shortly after she made her announcement, I had a dream that this coworker was at my house with a baby in a carseat, wrapped in a blue blanket. She had a baby boy.

With my own pregnancy...I had a dream (before even knowing I was pregnant) that I was nursing a little baby boy. I tested a couple days later and discovered I was pregnant. No missed period yet. In early early pregnancy, I had a feeling that the baby was a boy. A couple weeks later I had a dream that I was in the hospital with a new baby, confused as to why my new baby boy was wearing girls clothes. The hospital told me that the girl clothes were all they had. At 21 weeks I found out I was carrying a baby girl, and have had a very strong girl "hunch" since about 3 months pg.

A few weeks ago I had another dream in which my office manager at work told me she was pregnant. I mentioned this dream to another coworker and asked her to just remember that I told her, for if it played out in the near future. Sure enough, on Friday she announced that she was about 6 weeks pregnant, after her and her DH trying for over a year.

Weird coincidences? Something else?

Just looking for feedback, I guess.
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Wow. You are quite psychic where it concerns pregnancies! That's cool!
I frequently have dreams that turn into dejavu. When my SIL was pg w/ #2 I dreamed it was a boy and sure enough it was, and shortly after I dreamed her sister was pg and hiding it from the family because she was newly divorced and well sure enough she was. It must be something in the chicago water, I lived there for 17 years.
Yep, I believe in pregnancy intuition! I have that about my own pregnancies too, not sure about other people's pregnancies though! Before I had missed my period or had any idea I was pregnant with either my older son (who is now 6) or my current pregnancy, I "knew" that I was pregnant. I "knew" before I knew, as well as other details that I had intuitions about in regards to being pregnant that also ended up happening very clearly. With my son, probably about a week after I had conceived him, I saw two names and said to myself "If I am pregnant, and if I have a son, I think I would name him that." And yes, I ended up using one name as a first and using a variation of the other as a middle.
I also had a very strong feeling my son was a boy. I have a very strong feeling that I am now carrying a girl, I feel so strongly that the baby is a girl that I have actually bought some girl clothes, I couldn't resist, haha! I'm 14 weeks and I have a first name picked out already. From the second I found out I was pregnant this time and whenever I think of the baby, I think "she, her", etc. It will be interesting to see if I am right, or completely off-the-wall wrong!
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I'm like this, too... I've predicted many of online friends' pregnancies. It's almost uncanny... I'm not so great with gender but I have actually never been wrong when I declare the day (as in Wednesday) they will go into labor/have their baby. I don't give a date, just the day.. I have 100% accuracy there, lol, so far.

I told a woman in my ddc (I know her from another board) that her and I would be pregnant at the same time. Our due dates are only a couple weeks apart.

There were two women on another board with the same name, I predicted that one of them was pregnant. One tested and sure enough she was... she was totally surprised, lol. The other found out she was pregnant a couple months later.

I have quite a few of these stories.
I wish I knew gender... at least for myself but that appears to only happen when I have an 'even' number baby. I knew without a doubt #2 and #4, but haven't a clue with any of the others...
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I am like this with my own babies. I haven't predicted anyone else's pregnancy, but I've always been spot on with gender for myself and my friends. When I was little I was good at predicting when my animals would give birth, down to the minute sometimes. Until they told me this looks like a girl and I've had 5 boy dreams. Maybe I'm finally proven wrong?
I've always dreamt of the baby right before I found out I was pregnant, like within a week before I missed my period and they always turned out like in my dream. Except this one. No early dream this time.
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SOOO ladies.. when will I be pregnant?
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I'm 3 for 3 on gender prediction for my own. I'm REALLY curious what this one will be. Will it really be a boy?

AND...I correctly guessed the month I would become (and close to the day) pg with my last 2 babies. And, my first two were born on the day I said.

A friend was CERTAIN she was having a boy...but I just couldn't get the gift done for her. Just couldn't. I was was a girl. And then I was sure another friend was having a girl, and then I saw her and told her, no, I thought it was a boy. Actually, I switched just before he was born...and I was right.

So, yeah...happens to me, too.

I'm due Thursday. And I have a strong feeling I'll be pg in March. I really kinda hope not. (But, then...I'd hate to be wrong....
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When we decided we were ready to try again, hubby had a dream he was with a little girl. The dream, a friend said, focused on the number 5, which since has become significant. 5th house we looked at we bought (we weren't even planning on moving when he had the dream) and after 5 months we found out I was pregnant.

Now, we've yet to find out if the girl was the prophecy of the baby's sex. Will be some time before we know that.

With DS I don't recall having a dream but I just "felt" he was a boy.
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