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Iran siezes British ships...

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Does this worry anyone else as much as it does me?

Iran Confiscates U.K. Military Vessels

Reminds me of the downed spy plane that the Chinese detained a while back in 2000. I hope this doesn't become a bigger deal than that was...
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Originally Posted by mrzmeg
Does this worry anyone else as much as it does me?

Yes. Yikes!
Well, call me cynical...looks to me as if Bush's buddy Blair needs a bump. Now that Bush got his from Reagan, I guess it's Tony's turn...he will no doubt make some macho statement and then Bush will back him up. Perhaps there will be some posturing...but beyond that who knows?

But I will agree, this could get somewhat messy. Worth keeping our eyes on at any rate, as long as we don't allow ourselves to get distracted from other things. (I realize I am sounding very cynical, but I didn't get that way on my own....I have been paying attention for a long time now, and that is how I got this way.)

Joyce in the mts.
Oh, please, let this not be an excuse for the US to follow Britian into a war.
Things did get worked out when this happened with China but with all the d^%& waving that has been going around it does scare me.
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