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I thought it was pink eye and went to see my PCP, who sent me straight to my eye Dr. (Also FYI, repaired retina in same eye 5 years ago.)

So after not having taken so much as a tylenol this pregnancy, I'm on two class C drugs, which honestly I don't love but the pain is so intense that I'm not functional without them.

Here's my question - everything I was told, and everything I read online seemed to indicate if it's not eye trauma - already ruled out - it's an autoimmune or compromised immune system issue. The list is long, but it's things like Lyme's, HIV, various STDs, Ankylosing spondylitis, Reactive arthritis (Reiters syndrome), psoriatic Arthritis, irritable Bowel disease and Crohn's disease, toxoplasmosis...

Until this happened I felt FINE. Totally healthy pregnancy. The ONLY remarkable thing has been that my animal allergies have gone through the roof, but I'm almost never around animals so it's not been much of a problem. I have had a fairly upsetting two weeks leading up to this as well.

Do I need to go get a whole panel of tests done here to see if something more serious is going on? This is the first time this has happened, but my eye guy said now that I've had it once it's more likely to recur. What would you do?

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