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I had a huge A-HA! moment today, which led me to more questions.

I got a Paraguard IUD last spring, and insanely heavy and long periods along with it. After a couple months, I also would get really depressed during af. Like, frighteningly out of control sobbing for no clear reason. After a while of that misery, which I blamed my IUD for even though I couldn't find a single connection between IUDs and depression or mood swings, my bleeding each month got more manageable and so did my mood. (I use a Diva cup and cloth pads, so I'm sure that helped).

So this morning as I was realizing I wasn't a basket case this week and that my bleeding was WAY better than i used to be, the lightbulb went off. Anemia! Of course!

So, my questions: What do you know about iron-deficiency anemia and mood disturbances? Does that even make sense? I was reading about anemia symptoms and read about irregular heartbeat, which I occasionally experience. I would like to ask my dr about this, but realistically I know I won't get around to making an appointment anytime soon. So what are some effective ways to boost iron? If I am having trouble with this mainly during af, would supplements need to be taken all the time or just when the deficiency leads to symptoms?
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