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Does anyone know anything about hematology? I feel like I've been through the testing wringer lately and I'd like to know what I should be asking for instead of letting them continue to pull random tests out of their rears...<br><br>
Now, keep in mind that I'm going by what I remember hearing from the doctor, so if the numbers don't make sense (like the platelet levels having extra 0's or something) just remember that I tried... <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="lol">:<br><br>
My hemoglobin is 13.5. That's pretty decent for me, because my normal is 11<br><br>
My iron saturation is 9 (they said it should be between 15 and 55)<br><br>
My platelets are 850,000 or something like that. It's high and starts with an 8.<br><br>
They've done an upper GI (barium drink w/ x-rays) and a colonoscopy and both checked out ok. They want to do an upper endoscopy but we're TTC and I'm a bit tired of the poking and prodding so I'm not really going to do that I don't think. They're shipping me off to a hematologist/oncologist but I have no idea what they'd be looking for anymore. They said the most likely candidate was internal bleeding which it appears I don't have. So, what else causes stuff like this? I've been on prenatal vitamins for 3 1/2 years, we eat meat, and we cook with cast iron skillets so I'm getting enough iron it--it's just not going where it's supposed to go I guess...<br><br>
Thanks for any help you can give...
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