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Please keep a little black and grey doggie in your thoughts.

Yesterday, while I was in the playground with the children from my preschool class, we noticed a little, old, greying black appeared to be a pug/chihuahua mix walking around in the park next to the playground. Two women walked towards her, and she dropped and did a belly-up. One of the women tried to grab her, but she jumped up and ran a some distance away. This happened several times, and it was not in play- she was shaking, her ears and tail were down, she was clearly terrified, and the only thing that scared her more than the two women trying to grab her was the big park she was loose in.

Being a dog lover, I kept half an eye on the situation and half an eye on the kids (don't worry- many teachers outside). When one of the women came closer, I asked if that was their dog and she said no, it was her friend's dog- she's dogsitting. After talking to her for a minute or two, apparently, they'd taken her to the park and let her offleash, even though the dog didn't know them very well, even though there were signs all over the park saying "no dogs" and even though the entire unfenced park is located next to a busy intersection.
How do you do that with somebody else's dog?!

After a few minutes, they managed to grab the dog, but she panicked and struggled so badly, she managed to pull her collar off and run. She ran right through the intersection (she somehow managed to not get hit) and took off towards the other side of town, with the two women running after her.

I don't know the end of the story- hopefully the dog knows her way home and made it there without getting hit- but how do you let that happen with a dog your friend trusted you with? And if she managed to get lost, she seemed like an old, possibly arthritic, extrememtly terrified dog. She's not gonna make it on her own and no stranger is going to be able to catch her to bring her to a shelter.

The whole thing pissed me off and worried me. It's still bothering me, almost 24 hours later. I kept thinking how I would feel if one of my dogs was "let loose" by a "friend" of mine. I kept thinking how my little scaredly-cat dog would be so terrified in that situation. Anyways, please keep the little black and grey doggie in your thoughts, send her prayers and good vibes.

And be very careful who you leave your dogs with, even if they're your "friends".
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