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Irresponsible Reporting...

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This was literally JUST reported on my favorite news station...

Anyone know what study they are allegedly referring to?
I want to write them a letter, anyone know of a place (besides Dr. Sears) that promotes co-sleeping? You'd think that they would have to back up what they say by citing SOME source?!

Hoppin' mad...
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Hi! I'm not sure if this is the same study, but this article appeared this morning in one of our national newspapers up here in Canada:
Dh read me an article about this "study" this morning. I am so mad, I just want to punch somebody.

I want to find out who funded this study (wonder if it was the crib manufacturers, again? ) and I want to write to everyone hyping co-sleeping as being dangerous compared to crib sleeping and point out that none of these studes compare total deaths of babies in cribs and babies in adult beds.

And not one of them examines if safe co-sleeping was being practiced or not. They completely ignore the fact that the deaths often occur because of a babysitter co-sleeping or an older sibling being allowed to sleep to close to the baby, or the adult being under the influence.

As I said, I'd like to see a comparison of total deaths in cribs and in adult beds where safe co-sleeping is practised. I also wish there were laws that the parties interested in the outcome of a study are not allowed to fund it. Yeah, I know, that's never going to happen.

I'm just so angry about this!
About my parenting choices, another stupid study is conducted where some doctor comes along and makes blanket statements based on the results. I have already been harassed by people because of this study, and the reports of it provide few details about the circumstances under which the children died.
. The doctor they interviewed on CBC Radio gave no information about co-sleeping safely, and that it can be done. Gee...based on this kind of logic, maybe noone should cross the street because people who do are x times more likely to get hit by a car....or go swimming because people who are near water are x times more likely to drown....and don't ever get into a car, because people who drive are x times more likely to get in a car accident. My point is, people will continue to cosleep no matter what some report comes up with, so why not help people to do it safely? Publishing this study in a newspaper and issuing blanket statemeents like this is so irresponsible IMHO. I am really rambling right now, sorry to anyone who actually read this.
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I agree, definitely wish news reports would tell people how to co-sleep safely, rather than just discounting it completely and making general statements about it. It probably was funded by a crib manufacturer.
I am still mad about this...The doctor that was interviewed on "As it Happens", a news-radio interview show stated that children who died as a result of getting suffocated by couch cushions were considered to be among co-sleepers....he also said " as a reponsible Pediatrician I cannot reccomend people sleep with their children" Well then he shouldn't reccomend a lot of things children do I suppose, like play at a playground, because the risk of a fall or a head injury killing a child is much greater in these circumstances, or riding a bike for goodness sakes, we might as well do a study on that one too for that matter.................oh I am so irritated by the media and thier responses to studies like this I am hardly coherent. Sorry again for rambling
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This was on my local news tonight. They said an article was published in Pediatrics magazine. Didn't say when, but assume very recently. They said it was based on a study from 1995 to 1998.
I, too, am fuming after seeing this story air on our nightly news. First of all, the study WAS IN FACT FUNDED BY THE CONSUMER PRODUCT SAFETY COMMISSION. Here is a link to the abstract. Note the authors and their affiliations:

So, I did a search on Dr. James S. Kemp and he has authored several papers against cosleeping. Check out this one:

He has also had published a comment in response to an article in Pediatrics by James McKenna. Unfortunately, I can't access that issue right now, but I will look it up next time I'm at the biomedical library. I'm sure he will be making a comment in the negative, judging from his other articles.

I'm so mad!! Why do the media give so much coverage to stuff like this, just to scare the pants off parents and give us all more grief than we already get for cosleeping!

I wrote an email to my news station saying I wish they'd give more coverage to "the other side". It's so aggravating and frustrating!!

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From the NY Times article:

Most deaths outside cribs occurred when children became trapped between mattresses and walls or headboards or when the children were covered by soft bedding that cut off their air supply.
In other words, most deaths occurred when parents didn't ensure that their beds were safe before bringing their babies to bed with them.

I'd be interested in seeing stats of how many babies died of SIDS while sleeping in cribs vs sleeping in the family bed. Or is it assumed that all babies who die in the family bed have been suffocated?
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