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Is anyone doing the LTK felted mocs? I have a ?

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I posted this over at Theresa's forum, but I really want to continue w/ these asap!

I am not sure about the part where I am on this pattern. I am on the part where I am knitting the top-of-foot portion. I am doing the woman's size so I should do the A and B rows till I have 54 sts... but how do I count 54 sts?? Is it the total # from the very beginning of the work? Help!
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Thank you Theresa.
I was having a little freak out when I posted that! After I thought about it, I realized it had to be from the beginning, otherwise it just wouldn't work out. I finished the first one last night and am going to start the other today. I can't wait to felt them! That is going to be so fun!!!
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Julie, you are just buzzing along. I'll be joining you knitting these in a few days when my yarn comes. Please post how the felting goes, too!
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