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Is anyone else hungry ALL THE TIME?

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Actually, I should restate - I feel like I am STARVING all the time. I can eat a normal-sized meal, and within 30 minutes to an hour start feeling severe hunger pangs. My stomach can even feel full, but yet I still have severe hunger pangs. If I don't eat, I start to feel a little nauseous.

Has anyone else experienced this? I am getting tired of eating 24-7...
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I'm five weeks today, and for the past week and a half I've been hungry all the time. It VERY unusual for me, because I've been a slimfast-girl for about 3 years. One for breakfast, one for lunch, then dinner. All of a sudden, I'm ravenous every two hours. But, I can't eat much at a time. (DH calls my tummy "The Easy Queasy"!)

My general eating schedule is: breakfast about 8am (cereal and milk, or eggs, or a smoothie if I'm queasy), snack about 10:30 (V-8, a smoothie, or slimfast shake), lunch at 1pm (usually leftover pasta or a slimfast bar), snack at 4pm (crackers and cheese or a multi-grain bagel and cheese), dinner at 7pm (whatever I decide to make - usually pasta or beans and rice, and a salad), and finally a few crackers before bed (around 10pm).

Please don't anyone lecture me about Slimfast! I'm queasy every morning and evening and its one of the few familar things that doesn't make me gag - plus, it is fortified with calcium and folic acid among other goodies.
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Count me in.

I am hungry most of the time, and can finish a meal and have hunger pangs easily a half hour later. I generally eat breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack. I just try to make as good of choices as I can.

I guess this is partly why I have gained 50+ lbs. with each preg.
To say yes would be an understatement. I'm like 7 wks and have already gained 8 lbs....right on track with my other two pg's too. I gain a lot though (70 lbs w/#1 and 45 w/#2) so no need crying over it. Guess I'll just keep eating.
: Hey, at least I lose it all too, so that's something. I'm changing the words to the dead song-nothin left to do but eat eat eeeee-eat!!! I should just get a trough, or better yet, someone turn me loose in a pasture so I can graze! Ha! There's another song:

amazing graz(ing)
how rancid the smell
of food I constantly eat
I once had lost
one whole pound
but now I'm fat as can beeeeeee

thank you, thank you, I'm here all week.........:LOL

hmmm, better keep my day job, eh?

yeah, hungry here
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Always hungry, but get sick at night, so, well, sometimes, I go nuts in the evening, knowing it probably won't stick.
, but that's what my psyche is telling me. I told DH I understood how some ppl could be bulimic. Not me, tho. Just pg and sick. and hungry and nursing a 2 year old who thinks I'm his personal snack bar every time I sit down.
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I used to feel starving all the time like you but that has eased up some now.
I do still get nauseous if I dont eat right away when I do feel hungry.
31 weeks by the way.
Starving!! All the time. It doesn't matter when I ate last, I always have that hunger. I go to the Dr.tomorrow, so will see then how much weight I've gainedin 4 weeks.

24 weeks.
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:LOL at phishmama

And right there with GoodWillHunter as a personal snack bar for the toddler. It seems he knows that he's going to have to share the "nurse nurse" in a few months, so he's taking advantage of every time mama stops moving.

Yes, I am always hungry, but at 10 1/2 weeks, I am one of those I-want-to-eat-but-nothing-sounds-good mamas. Besides, I am getting terrible heartburn after eating anything, so I'm a bit gun shy. I miss my last pregnancy when I knew what I wanted and by god I was going to have it. Now. That was me opening one of the five cartons of fruit juice in the grocery store checkout line. This time, the heartburn and the nausea are holding the cravings at bay.

But, I am hungry.
I am one of those I-want-to-eat-but-nothing-sounds-good mamas.
Same with me. I'm hungry right now but the thought of eating something is, well, yuck! I'm practically living on P&J sandwiches and milk because that's the only thing that sounds remotely appetizing.

It seems the only reason I'm eating anymore is because I know I have to. The enjoyment of it is gone.
I've been eating multiple bagels, with cream cheese, butter, or both, for breakfast each day.

The "starving" thing was constant from day 1 of my first pregnancy, during which I added 54 pounds to my 112-pound body! This time around, I'm just beginning to get a real appetite for food other than bagels, and I have gained about 5 pounds so far (I'm 15 weeks along).
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