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First of all
!! I'm sorry you're feeling this way, hon. I'm on baby # 4, too, & have had similar feelings. It's hard because you want it to be easy & try to come up with ways to make it easier but those ways really aren't when you stop to really think about it. It's so conflicting, with all these thoughts & emotions going through you right now.

Just know everything will work out. I would be afraid of delivering a breech baby, too, even though it's a common occurance in other countries. It's just not practiced here in the states much & it's ingrained into us that it's not safe, so of course we're going to have some fears about it. Much more than we realize until we're faced with it.

I hope the baby turns back for you & you're able to grab ahold of some stable emotions & not let go. You'll be in my thoughts & prayers.

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