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Well, I'm having number one and I'm very nervous/scared, although I'm doing my darnedest to hypnotize myself in the other direction! (I'm doing hypnobabies!) AND my baby has been head down for weeks, and suddenly yesterday decided to turn TRANSVERSE which a) is very uncomfy for mama and b) what the heck ya doin' in there honey?!?! :roflmao I'm trying to keep a positive outlook on this.

I just started listening to the hypnobabies birth affirmations and that stuff... I mean, who knows? But it HELPS me calm down so much that no matter what else it does, I'm grateful for that. Maybe you could write out a little list of affirmations for yourself... about how your body gives birth perfectly! Your baby will turn! All will be wonderful! etc, etc, etc. It is amazing how it helps me relax, I tend to be suuuuuuuuuuuuuch a worrier.

I wonder if there is a biological (ie: hormonal) reason that as we approach the end of pregnancy we get nervous, even if we haven't been before. Like maybe it encourages us to withdraw from the world to help ensure we're in a safe place to give birth, or something! I love thinking about all the instincts and biology that go into all of this, it's just amazing to me

Anyways... hang in there, all the nervous mamas!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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