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I think that if you have had pretty easy births before it is pretty natural to think that something has got to go wrong now or there is a greater chance that something will go wrong just because you have been lucky before. At least this is how I think--I think I've had two pretty easy births without any complications so statistically, something has to go wrong now--no one can be this lucky...

Plus, you just know more about the whole process--I thought it would be easier this time, but I find my self more anxious/fearful about the pain and my ability to cope with it. You have other children to think of, too...

take a deep breath (keep taking them!) and relax. Baby will be here--

my brother was head down throughout my mom's entire pregnancy with him, and then 2 days before he was born he flipped into breach position! So, at least you know and can plan... my brother was delivered vaginally w/o any complications....
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