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Is anyone else waiting around for luxe baby to reopen???

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I want two WIO's. I have to leave here in 25 mins though for hair and manicure all the fun things. I actually thought about canceling, but I am leaving for the beach Friday and muct look well maintained. LOL.
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I just went there and it looks pretty open to me...
I hope she's open! I just placed an order and paid... *fingers crossed*
The home page said she is closed for three weeks.

Yup looks open to me. I went to buy ds a wool cover but all my pp went to Samuel and Levi. Maybe next - go'round.
I wonder what the difference is between wool jersey and wool interlock? Which would be most durable and strong?
jersey is stretchier and more trim. I think they are equally durable. Maybe interlock is a bit more durable I think. JMO though.
actually interlock is stretchier (at least mine is) and better as far as it's waterproof attribute-LOVE the interlock
Confused--it does say that she is still closed.

Are people seeing that it is open, and I am just missing it?
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I can't wait for her to open so I can get MORE!
I skipped the home page and went right to the ordering page. I'm going to feel rather foolish if she's still closed.
: What a dork. I didn't have any trouble placing an order and paying though... *sigh*
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i've been emailing with jesse and as of yesterday she was still closed for new orders. i'm sure she'll send out an email to her mailing list when she is planning on re opening !!!
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I just got an email that says she is now open for orders
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I got the email and I just ordered a WIO!!!!! Yay -- robins egg blue with orange thread and snaps and an orange contour snap in!! I cant wait to get it!
Oh, I'm going to have to wait. But, her stuff looks so amazing!!! Anyone try the silk liners???
She's open. I ordered an orange cover in the wool interlock. I got the interlock last time and really like it. Its my first really stretchy cover, and I really like it. All the other wool I have is stiffer, like wool flannel.
This seems so soft and comfy.
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