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Is anyone just not happy w/ their stash??

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I am NOT happy with my stash!! I bought one of these, one of those kind of buying and have a small stash of one of each of the WAHMs Daipers I wanted to try. I think I am a uniform kind of gal and really want to use all Wonderoos or FBs. I *thought* all of these pretty patterns would make me happy but they arent
: Whats wrong with me because they all are working for us I just feel like its a big choice every time I change her!!. Ahh whats a girl to do??
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I'm never happy with my stash, I am always changing it. I buy some diapers I really like and then I buy some more. Then I decide I like something else better and I buy again. It's a ficious cycle!
I've tried a uniform stash many times over the years, and I got BORED. What if you just keep everything rotating and just grabbing off the top so you won't have to decide which one each diaper change?
I fight this all the time b/c I cded 2 w/nothing but cpfs and proraps then I got sucked in with #3. I keep count of what I have for which dd. I have decided that I just use different things at different times. When we fight rashes I change all the time so I go coverless w/pretty prefolds. When we wear soakers we use fitteds. When we go out pretty soakers or prett pul covers/aios. I want to go back to simplicity but I would miss my pretty fabrics. I'm still working out the kinks of what I want...
We've only been using cloth for a couple of months, but my stash has changed so much from its original (service delivered) prefolds, proraps, and bummis. Now, I have hemp prefolds topped with fleece, 18 various fitteds, 9 fuzzi bunz, 3 wonderoos, 5 embroidered happy heinys, 4 bummis covers, 2 cuddlewraps, 12 unbleached prefolds, 2 white prefolds that I didn't return to the service... I think that's about it. But, I'm really thinking about getting rid of everything but the fitteds, hemp prefolds, and covers. But, I can't decide!
I keep thinking I want to go uniform, but there isn't much I want to give up! I don't know if I could really take the plunge and not look back, it'd probably force me to buy even more variety.
I've been cding for 7 months now and my stash has changed so many times! Right now I'm on a "simple is better" kick so I am always grabbing prefolds. Next month I'll probably hate them again and only reach for my fitteds :LOL I'm NEVER satisfied :LOL
I'm quite pleased with my stash. I don't like the mishmosh of types of diapers. So I've narrowed it down to four. So I'm almost there. I'm working my way to 3 dozen fleece-lined Pinheads, 2 dozen woven size 2 FLAGs, 2 dozen FCB (1 dozen in each size) and a dozen SOS. And it is a big relief to not even look at sites because they have instock.

Now if I could sell some things on the TP, I would be all set.
I had to simplify. I couldn't stand the way all the prints looked on the shelf. Nothing matched. When they were folded because of the different crotch widths and bulkiness they never stacked neatly. It was terrible for me. I went to a system of mostly MEOS, FBs and a sprinkle (3 diaps) of other things for variety. I couldn't be happier.
I'm not really happy with mine right now.
I can relate to wanting uniformity...We have several different types of dipes but only certain brands...and certain amounts. I just can't seem to get myself to buy too many diffrent brands because I need to have it all the neat little stacks. Of course I think I have a touch of OCD, so that may have something to do with it.
My stash has been uniform for over a year and I LOVED it!!! But now my little guy is in between sizes and so the uniform isn't working. Now I don't know what to do. I am not into buying a bunch of stuff just to see because I haven't the money to do so. So in a way I am just waiting it out. I do have my pf's that fit him and a couple bummis wraps that work great-so at least I am not in dire shape
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I have a large stash just because I'd get bored with only "one" thing. I like having different stuff for my different moods. DH likes AIOs, I like to use fitteds and covers so we both have our stashes. Though DH has started to put DS in wool covers and fitteds a lot more the past month. DS runs around in a diaper/cover and a tshirt most of the time.
Most of my stash is only a couple different WAHMs. I've lucky to find what really works for us and try to snag as much of them as possible.
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i tried the uniform stash thing and got bored with it. now i like to have large numbers of several things, which leads me to have waaaaay too many diapers, but works for my wanting uniformity and variety. i have something like 10 elbees, 10 prefold fitteds, 10 flat diapers (2-layer hemp flats), 10 assorted fitteds (6 homemade, 2 firefly, 2 bbh), etc.
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I pretty much have a uniform stash, all colored FB's, but I'm working on adding some flavor to it
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I think I am, but I researched my butt off and decided what I thought I would like, and thus far I think I did well...

my current stash is basically
9 med FBs
12 wonderoos
inserts for the above
1 med firefly ST
1 med rumpster
1 med elbee
(night dipes, plus 3 PUL covers)
2 wool covers
1 size 1 SP (it's really too small now)

And some prefolds.

However, for some reason I can't resist the pretty fitteds, and I actually don't really LIKE fitteds! hehe...
I have bought 6 fitteds, and plan on getting a couple more FFs in size large.
I have another wool cover coming (large)
and i'm gonna order probably 6 large FBs to round out the stash.

Hubby likes the pockets for sure, which is what I thought he would prefer.
I use prefolds mainly for burps etc, but occasinally snappied with a cover when i'm low, or snappied to let the tush air out, or when i'm using diaperrash cream so I don't ruin my fleece/suedecloth...

The only things I really find myself *Wanting* are the accessories. if diapers are action figures or something. LOL.

I'm scoping out getting some new wipes. I bought 24 velour and flannel which are very pretty, but I'm thinking knit/sherpa is what I prefer. And I love PRR prints so i'm gonna get myself 2doz of those as my "stash" and then relagate the others to my diaperbag and to the "too small dipes" bin, incase I need them later...when the new ones wear out ect.

Pail liners, minishower, ect.
Thats what i'm stalking now!!

But my biggest thing was to buy prefolds to use as burps and extra dipes, and keep atleast 2-3 PUL covers handy in the babe's size, and then make 90% of my stash pockets since that is what is easiest for DH and everyone else.
The fitteds right now are all night dipes, and ones *I* use.

I figured, I buy 90% of what I really like for us, and then give myself a little room to experiment with each size. Sell off what I really didn't like/use and keep everything else for future babies.

This way i'll have very little to replace/buy for #2 and #3... (esp since C is going to be in larges very soon and he's 5mths! so all my smalls and meds are like new still) and I can buy a couple items I found out I liked later on (like rumpsters and FFs) and a couple hyena dipes like a fuzbomb for each babe...that I couldn't afford to get this go-around because I had to buy ALL the stuff...

And of course, new wipes/bags/etc for additional kidlets.

But on the whole, i've been VERY happy with what i've bought
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My uniformity is in the means of all pocket diapers. I have lots of f/b and wonderoos. To keep it exciting I have a couple of cute printed pockets...but they all wick after a short time.
The only thing I'm unhappy with is that I don't have enough diapers! I'd love more VK and LHC AIO's. They are my favorites.
I may actually try a Sunflower Derriere fitted. They sound so cozy...and I like her AIO's. I only have one wool cover though. lol.

I am a uniform kinda gal, but also the kind of gal that needs change a lot.
I started with all LHC, which I love! Now I am on FB's Which I also love, but am kind of sick of. I am moving on to prefolds/fitteds and all wool. we'll see how long this lasts. :LOL
I am becoming unhappy with my diapers. I have all colored fuzzi bunz. I really want to try prefolds and wool. I have to wait untill there is a little more money.
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