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is bleach safe?

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Our stroller straps have mildew stains that im trying to remove - I read bleach is the only way to do it - can pregnant women be around bleach - or is this a task for someone else?
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I think as long as you're in a well ventilated area and use gloves (like you would non-pregnant) it should be fine. I would make a solution with water and bleach in a spray bottle though, and use sparingly. That's how I clean the mold in my bathroom and as long as you don't inhale fumes, I think that'd be fine.
There is actual a mold spray you can try, but it'd require all the same precautions as bleach (good ventilation, keep it off your skin etc.).

Let them dry in a sunny spot, sunshine is good for every kind of stain!
I use bleach in the shower. I'd second Carrie to say that you don't need/want to use straight bleach though. Dilute it in water... There should be instructions for the ratio on the back of the container. Use gloves, do it outside, and it should be just fine.
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