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Is brestfeding causes my baby to be fat, fat, fat?

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I've been having a lot of questions about breastfeeding latley since my pediatrician told me my baby was to fat and that he was getting the extra fat from breastmilk because he was nursing to much. SHe wasn't fond of the co-sleeping idea and thought that was where he was getting the extra calories (he is seven and half months and thirty pounds). He nurses all the time but it doesn't bother me. It actually helps me out since I am going to school. WHile he nurses I get to do my homework. He loves to nurse I love to feed him. I actually am so fond of nursing I had my boyfriend take a couple of pictures of me and the baby nursing yesterday.
But now i am feeling guilty for nursing him so much. I decided to reduce the fat in my diet today and am on an official diet. I weigh 155 and am 5'11. I thought if I reduced my calorie intake it would help lower the baby's calorie intake. I eat a lot, lot of food but I am goiing to cut it down.
I was a huge baby. We have a lot of huge baby's in my family but not this big. I know he's fat but I was hoping he would grow out of it. The pediatrician told me to let him cry himself to sleep at his bedtime instead of putting him to sleep with a nursing setion. Well that is not going to happen. But what do I do with my fat buddha baby? SHould I ween him off some of his nursing setions even though we both enjoy them. Well I should go just woke up from his nap. Oh yah, I've been taking him outside a lot more to discurage nursing so much.
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s: Honey, I think you need a new pediatrician.

Even though your babe is large, I think you are doing the right thing by breastfeeding. Seriously, get a new doc!!!!!!! You are going to get nothing but support from me-

Good luck, mama.
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I think you're doing fine. You can't change the composition of your milk by dieting. There's nothing wrong with your milk anyhow. I think you said it all when you said you were a huge baby and it's common in your family. The ped. sounds very old fashioned.

I used to be in a playgroup of breastfeeding mama's and it was amazing the variation in the size of our babies. Mine was falling off the bottom of the weight charts while several others were off the top of the weight charts.

And by about 9-12 months, their weight gain slows quite a bit anyhow.

Here's a good article to allay your fears:
You definitely need a new pediatrician! This one sounds like the all-too-common type of "blame breastfeeding for everything." You know what? If your baby was a skinny minnie your doc would likely say, "It's your breastmilk! Start formula feeding!" Keep in mind that doctors in this country are NOT educated in breastfeeding or infant nutrition - sad but true.

The truth is, formula is a one-size-fits-none and your breastmilk is perfectly designed to grow your baby exactly the right size. And if you're 5'11" and 155 pounds, you're a) a very good weight and don't need to diet (although eating healthy and exercising are always a good idea no matter what size you are) and b) very likely to produce a big kid!

You should make sure you're eating healthy fats (from vegetable sources like olive oil and healthy fish like salmon) as opposed to unhealthy fats (like transfatty acids from partially hydrogenated oils and saturated fats like butter and bacon). But your baby needs you to eat healthy fats, especially omega-3 fatty acids found in flax, walnuts, and fish, because those are critical for his eyesight and brain.

The longer you breastfeed, the less likely your child is to be obese or get heart disease or diabetes later on. Your baby is and will turn out to be just the right size, with lots of breastfeeding and a healthy diet - no need to worry!
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I agree, get a new ped! My old ped told me that breastfed babies can't get too big. You are doing what is best for your family. Your baby is not too fat, he is just a wonderfully nursed baby and that is how his body deals with the milk. Get a new doc for sure.
Some babies are meant to be bigger babies... My son and nephew are 7 weeks apart and both son (the younger of the two) is 14 nephew is 22 lbs. However, I was a tiny skinny thing as a baby and my sister was chubby.... (of course, now we are switched around and she's the tiny little thing...) A lot of it's just genetic.
nods. another vote for a new pediatrician. Nursing a baby "on demand" means just that. You can't nurse a baby too much - i mean, they're not dogs lol. they will stop when they're full

my babies were HUGE... rolls of fat. people and my first ped told me my kids woudln't walk cuz they couldn't lift themselves up. I promise you they walk. lol

my son is 10 1/2mos now and was so fat the ped told me she thought he woudln't be able to wear shoes. He's cruising furniture now and crawling at warp speed so he's thinned out a bit.

your baby is not fat. Your baby is perfect. keep nursing. try not to worry. get a new doctor asap
That's so sad, that a misinformed ped would make you doubt yourself. You love it, your babe loves it, and it's working. Shees, what more is there?
Instead of trying to alter your breastmilk, try to just be grateful your body is working so well. Your body is making exactly what your babe needs. If you formula fed, I would imagine you'd have one of those babies that is hungry all the time, and cried more, because it's just not getting as much as he requires. There is no set perfect weight for a perfect age for all babies. Your baby is the right size for him, getting the perfect food from you, custom made for him.
I'm so glad you're here where there is info to allay any fears you have. And you can go back with the info to show you're making the best choices for your family.
So glad you're not even hearing the cio comment!
Every time I think I've heard everything I read something like this. I ITA with everything that was said. New pedi, or ignore this one's advice!
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Ya, definately a new doc! The nerve of some people. My dd, now 8 was as you described and is now a perfectly fit, muscular healty child. Think of that fat as insurance, when we had the puking flu I didn't worry about MY baby! I see skinny babies and it worries me because I've had 3 porky ones and it's normal to me. You'll be able to watch it melt when the runnin' starts! Zac has been 25 lbs from age 8 mos to 2 but boy has he grown, your bb is just about to sprout, do your own thing!
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So what do I say when we go bacck to the pediatrician's office. What information can I tell her to leave me alone.
Well, you can do two things. First, you can take the non-confrontational approach. Just smile and nod, say he's eating great, and you're working on weaning. Hey, since he's started solids, it's true - you are working on weaning, just veeeeeeeerrrrrry sloooooooowly.

Second, you can tell her that everything you have ever read says that breastmilk is the perfect food for your baby, and you would like to see her references and scientific studies that prove that your breastmilk is making your baby too fat. She's the one who wants you to act contrary to the advice of all major medical organizations to nurse on demand - she's the one who has the burden of proof, not you.

Remember, you are the mama. The doctor is there to serve you and help you when your baby is sick. When your baby is not sick, the doctor has no business telling you how to parent your child.
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try to find a ped that supports your parenting ideas!
my baby is 3 1/2 months and 18 pounds! he is BIG! (and long too) my ped who is very supportive of breastfeeding (he's also a lactation consultant) couldn't be happier with his weight! everyone tends to be surprised when I tell them my baby weighs so much, I get a lot of "and on BREASTMILK? wow!" (I guess ff babies tend to be fatter? I don't know but people just can't believe my milk is making him to chubby and healthy-looking) so anyway, I wouldn't worry. My baby is gaining about 1 to 1/5 lbs a week and even though he''s been off the charts forever my ped says she is just fine... he's just a big baby (I don't know how, since I'm 5'3 and 110 lbs pre-pregnancy -not 110 lbs now, ofcourse)

good luck!
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i agree with everyone else.. get a new doctor.. or better yet, a naturopath

any doctor who would tell you to make your baby cry to sleep isn't worth listening to!

as long as you and baby are enjoying the nursing, there is no reason to cut down at all, day or night.

stupid doctor! go with your instincts, momma!
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Just wanted to let you know that my son is 7.5 months and weighs 30lbs. We've just been discussing what to do about his carseat, as it can only be rear-facing to 30 lbs... Atticus is perfectly content and fat and reaching milestones right on target. He weighs more than my 2 year old. And this is all fine by me.

Your pediatrician needs to be told FLAT OUT: "I am not interested in hearing advice from you concerning my child's weight and its relationship to breastfeeding." He or she seems to know very little about the breastfed baby!
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car seat can be rear facing only until 30 pounds, really?
Our carseat, a Britax Roundabout, is only up to 30 lbs rear-facing. After that, it is supposed that you turn it around. Of course, we are not putting our 7 month old son foward facing, so he is staying rear-facing. Other carseats may have different parameters.
Get a new doctor! Seriously, you're doing the very best thing for your baby and you do NOT need anyone undermining your efforts. My babe is 5.5 months and weighs around 25 pounds. We had a well baby check about a month ago. Doc asked if we had started solids, I said no, he said great, no reason to rush because he is obviously thriving. This same doctor has told us that a breastfed baby this fat could not possibly have anything wrong with him. The office we use has a lactation consultant on staff, which I think is so wonderful, and I think makes it easier for the Dr's to be pro-breast, because if anything comes up they have someone to ask questions of or refer you to.
Definitely find a new ped.
As for the carseat, check the manual that comes with yours. Some have different limits. If you're still not sure, find out who does carseat inspections in your area (police or fire dept usually), make an appointment to have yours checked and ask there, they are trained on that stuff.
I agree wholeheartedly- Get a new ped!!!!!!! How dare he make you think you are doing something wrong for your baby! BFing on demand is what your child needs, not a schedule. If you
it and he loves it then keep doing it. A BF baby will not take more than he needs. My DS is 4 mos old and pushing 20 lbs. He's in the 99% in height and weight. My ped said he wouldn't be worried even if he was higher, because DS is being exclusively BF. He also said that BFing is the perfect balance between mother and child. Keep doing what you are doing- it's best for both of you.

Hang in there mama, you are doing a great job
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That's a big healthy baby you got there! My youngest was a buddha baby(20lbs by 4months) but once he started crawling and walking, his weight gain slowed down. He's now 30lbs, at 23 months.

Oh, and the Cosco/Dorel/Safety 1st convertible seats rearface to 35lbs.
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