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Is congestion enough to go to the doctor?

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DD (12 wks) has been congested for about a week now. Sometimes sounds like it's difficult for her to clear her passages to breathe. When pressed, she does breathe through her mouth. If she were 2 I wouldn't even consider taking her to the doctor, but since she's so little... at what point to I worry about a little cold? She hasn't had a fever and might be sleeping a little more, but is alert and happy when awake. I don't want to be that nervous lady who's always in over nothing.
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Have you tried using saline drops in her nose and the bulb booger sucker?

I see no reason to go to the doc unless you want a prescription decongestant, which I have no problem using if my baby has trouble breathing at night and cannot sleep.
If you think it's a cold, you could try taking lots of echinacea and vitamin C yourself so she'll get it in your breastmilk.

Salt water and a bulb syringe is the best baby decongestant I know of.
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