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Is DD just a night owl???

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I have tried everything to change my dd's night time routine. She is just a night owl I think. She gets in sleepy mode between 10:30 and 12:00!.

I have tried getting her up earlier in the morn, daytime naps, no naps. We do the same routine. Read books, sing songs, and snuggle but she wil not settle down til the above times. Could she just be a night owl and her clock is just set at those times, and who am I to change that if that is the case. I stay up late so it is not depriving me of sleep I just want her to feel more rested. We are going through an incredibly cranky time and I thought an earlier bedtime might help.

Should I just let her govern herself and her own clock? Can this timing be bad for her?
Thanks for any input.

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That's my dd!

Generally she's asleep between 10:30 and 11:30pm. Just no way around it, so we go with it. The only time she sleeps earlier is during growth spurts. I'm lucky dh sleeps with her and is a sahd, especially since ds is up at 6:45am.

Sorry I'm no help.
Both of my kids are night owls. DS (5) usually crashes around 10-11pm and DD (1) is usually out by 1am. They took after their Mommy
Here it is, 2am and I have to get up at 7am, yet I'm posting on the internet.
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I think it varries from kid to kid. I know a lot of kids that went through a stage at 2 where it seemed like they never slept (my dd included). And then a few months later, they started being ready for bed earlier. I think we went through about 3 months where dd never slept, and I needed a lot more sleep than she did, and then things shifted. Now, dd goes to bed around 8 if I help her, but if I don't, and she stays up and gets too tired she has trouble falling asleep. She is now 3.5, btw.

So my vote is that it could be a phase, or it could be your child just doesn't need as much sleep- like you.
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