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Is decreased fetal movement sometimes normal?

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I'm 31 weeks pregnant with my little girl.
I have PIH, but my bps have been great as of lately and no major swelling or pre-e red flags. (Had pre-e and HELLP last pregnancy, though).

I noticed my baby not moving as much as usual today. I did an hour long kick count tonight, laying on my left side and noted 5 movements. So I drank some juice and I'm sort of waiting to see if the kicking picks up, but so far nothing.

I'm not, in my gut, worried. I think she may just be in an odd position. I have an anterior placenta, so that could come into play here. Also, my stomach looks SIGNIFICANTLY smaller today - my husband even noticed. So that also leads me to believe she is in an odd position. The few little movements I felt during the kick count were down very very low - so perhaps she dropped?

Here is my plan, and I'd really appreciate feedback to know if this is reasonable. I'm doing another official hour long kick count tonight. I'll also do one in the morning. If she fails these, I'll call the doctor in the morning. (If she stops moving all together in the kick count tonight, I'll call tonight... but I think she is giving the odd kick here and there... just decreased movement over what is typical).

Am I over-reacting? Under-reacting? The nearest hospital (which is where I'd have to go if I went in tonight) is well over an hour away. I'm exhausted and would prefer to just go to bed... but obviously if this IS a real cause of concern I'd go in tonight. I guess I just don't know the significance of decreased movement, and if it can sometimes just be normal or due to baby being in an odd position.

Thanks for your input!!! I'm feeling lost.
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I had an anterior placenta with my dd and she turned herself around sometimes and I barely felt movement late into the pregnancy. I usually did go into the triage if I was really noticing her not moving for a while and if I drank orange juice laid on my side and didn't notice many movements. This happened a few times in my pregnancy with her but I needed that reassuarance. They eventually scheduled me for regular monitoring because I went a few times.

It is probably just a change in position and the anterior placenta. That was the explanation for me. There really shouldn't be decreased movements though. A lot times if there is a problem that could lead to a stillbirth decreased movements is one way to alert you. I'm sure all babies have their days where they move less or where they change positions and an anterior placenta can make that worse since it muffles things to begin with but it also can be a sign of a problem. Getting checked out is the only way to know for sure.
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Sure, it can be fine... but it is totally reasonable to call your doctor about in case its not.

As dmpmercury said... it can happen and have absolutely nothing going wrong...

but they really wont think you are crazy for being worried over it because of that chance that something might actually be wrong.
better safe than sorry imho. i know a family that just just lost a baby 10 days prior to due date. i'm not saying this to freak you out--just encouraging you to take what your gut is telling you seriously. i'm sure everything is fine, but to be truly sure i would see my midwife or ob. good luck!
You could give your birth provider a call and just tell them babe isn't as active today as he/she normally is. I'm 31 weeks also and baby doesn't kick as much but he's constantly moving.
Thanks so much for the replies!!

The good news is that she started kicking again and is now going totally nuts in there. Whew!! So she must've been in an odd position or something.

Thanks for the support and reassurances, though. I won't be so hesitant to call my doctor if it happens again. It beats worrying about it...
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