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Is DS ready for table food?

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Okay Don is 8.5 months now and will NOT eat his baby food anymore. He wants whatever is on mommy's and daddy's plate.

We even tried to trick him. DH would give him a piece of tofu then some babyfood. Donnie turned up his nose when the babyfood was in his mouth. Then the next serving DH gave Don, DS grabs daddy's hand and looks real close (as to say "Do not give me that crappy babyfood again") lol. DH had to assure him that it wasn't babyfood before he commence to eatting. We even tried thicker, chunkier, textures and mixing ours with his, to no avail.

Now, I am health conscience person. Therefore, I do not cook with butter, grease, or bad oils and we always have a variety of veggies with every meal. So far Donnie has only been allowed to eat dinner bread and pre-chewed veggies(I know it sounds gross but he loves it).

So is it okay for him to just eat table food?

Egg yolk, toast, and nummies(bmilk)

tofu (starter)
Cauliflower, carrots, rice (or noodles), bread, and grilled chicken

He nurses all day and night . Also, he snacks on brown rice cakes.

Please LMK
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Why not? We only gave ds babyfood when someone else was watching him (my mom) and probably won't use it at all this time around. There's nothing special about it.

At this point, your ds can eat anything he can chew that isn't a possible allergy food. I would wait to give him; dairy, nuts, citrus, egg whites, tomatoes, and shellfish.

Also, here is the list of chokable foods from Dr Sears's website:
Thanks you for the link!
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