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Is everyone in IL GBS+??? (rant)

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Hi birth supporters,

I'm feeling really discouraged and just... irritated? Shocked? Some weird kind of emotion. Like I'm the coyote who has had an anvil dropped on her head repeatedly. My doula partner and I have supported quite a few births lately that have been GBS+. My May client just emailed me today to tell me that her test results have also come back +. She is severely phobic of needles and has now been told she "has" to absolutely have an IV by her doc. No ifs, ands or buts. She is supposed to call me back later (her doc is panicking because her edd May 6 baby hasn't engaged yet, and she also wants help with that, but that's a whole 'nother story!) and I'm planning on reinforcing what we already talked about (I gave her a whole info sheet on GBS at our first prenatal, and we talked about diluting cranberry juice and drinking water and being careful with wiping and wearing cotton undies, yogurt with live cultures, etc etc.) and about how cultures can differ from one week to the next... I'm wondering if she's willing to be retested.

In the meantime, I am simmering myself down so I can be calm and even toned when I talk to her. I'm just wondering- why is everyone I interview with or contract with lately GBS+? I live in IL, and birth is ridiculously actively managed (in Chicagoland) and I just keep wondering in this conspiracy-theorist brain... are they testing positive for this just so they can be chemically manipulated with IVs? Am I being paranoid? Is discouragement at yet another GBS+ coloring my vision? Not sure if I'm looking for commiseration, advice, or encouragement, but maybe I need all three?

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I live in IL and I'm not GBS + ! I'm also in a Chicago suburb. I had my homebirths through homefirst...heard of them?

Sorry about your run of bad (GBS+) luck.
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Hi birthjunkie,

I've definately heard of homefirst... actually, our last almost-birth was sorta botched in spite of (I certainly hope not "because of") them. Briefly, Client was GBS+ (of course) and was planning an HBAC. Homebirth doc said if a C-section was necessary, it would be at hospital A. Changed mind when Client's water broke, said it would be at hospital B. When a C-section was deemed necessary, changed mind again and said it would be at hospital C. Hospital C was crap, treated Client like garbage, and Client wrote a long complaint to them. She was disappointed. We did work with her after the fact to talk/think through her birth. We're still processing that birth (and so is Client!)

I'm glad to hear from someone in the burbs who isn't GBS+!
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Well, it may make you feel better (or worse!) to know that EVERY pregnant woman I come into contact with in Yuma, AZ is GBS+. Seriously. I have a client who is only like 20 weeks and it showed up in her urine. I hope I'm not carrying GBS on my hands and all my clients are getting it from the moment we meet
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I am in Chicago and if I was GBS+ I didn't know about it -- my CNM encouraged and supported our decision to decline the test and only use antibiotics if I developed risk factors, which I did not. Initially we wanted to test and (if I tested +) decline antibiotics unless risk factors were present -- my midwife was the one who told me that declining the test would be easier (in terms of hospital policy) than declining the IV. She also recommended a family doctor who was happy to sign off on DS coming home with us 24 hours after birth even though we had declined the test. I had a really wonderful (unmanaged, unmedicated) birth in the "alternative birthing center" at West Suburban Hospital. No one ever mentioned GBS while I was at the hospital and while it was a hospital (I'd prefer a homebirth next time) everyone was really very kind and respectful. I'm hoping it will encourage you to know that not all medical caregivers in Chicagoland are intervention happy.
Retesting won't help much, since it's so transient. It comes and goes, so even if she retests and gets a neg, she'll still be treated as positive.

Sucky. About 30% of women are GBS+....
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pamamidwife and doula and mom- Thanks!

ETW- that is encouraging, thanks so much!

A lot of this really is internal, and I need to change my own mind about my attitude. It's just such an uphill battle!

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