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Is Fuzzi bunz made from PUL?

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Hi, I ordered some FB diapers, and my mom took a look at them and said she could make them easily. What fabric are they made of? Where can I order it online? note
`m in Japan the diapers are sight unseen in the states with mom.
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Yes, FB's are PUL on the outside and microfleece on the inside. You can order both those fabrics at One Stop Diaper Shop!
Thanks. I had ordered some PUL from the sewshoppe to make something else, and mom said it was *different* from the FB. Having seen neither (yet) I didn`t know what to tell her. I knew someone here would have the answer. I will order the PUL from the diaper shop and see what she can come up with. I am overjoyed that she is making diapers for me, she was initally not supportive of my CDing. `Course one of the advantages of living in a different country is I can ignore her, disadvantage is most fluffy mail won`t come to Japan, so I need her to ship to me.
Thanks again.
There are several different varieties of pul, different thicknesses and breathable vs. non-breathable. That might account for why your mom is seeing a difference.

Maybe someone else can elaborate.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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