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My ds has Asperger's, but we did not have him officially diagnosed.

However, we homeschool, and if we didn't I would consider the dx essential for getting his needs met. It's good if teachers don't assume it's ADD when it causes difficulty in the classroom, for instance. It seems like a bad thing if people, as you say, just assume it's a behavior problem and judge you/him based on that. I think classroom situation is difficult for Aspies and they do need appropriate support, which is difficult to provide without such basic information.

It seemed that the symptoms gradually cause more problems at the age children start school because it becomes more necessary for them to interact with others without assistance and to process information to get along in all the things children that age do. My ds is five, and a year ago the Asperger's symptoms didn't stand out as much as they do now. Now that more is expected of him, it's easier to see how many problems it causes.

A lot of people will probably tell you how important therapy is, and they may be right. But we have chosen not to do that. Just so you know that not everyone agrees on these things. I made an effort to learn a lot about what therapists do with autistic spectrum children so that it informs how we parent him, though.
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