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I guess that depends on the needs/wants of the person with the disorder. In your dad's case, if he is able to hold down a job and live independantly then a diagnosis might not change anything. In your daughter's case, (since you mention school I am assuming that she will be going to public school) it might help a great deal. A diagnosis would enable her to receive therapy (social skills, occupational therapy, speech, behavioral help, etc) through the school, as well as getting an Individualized Educational Plan for her. Her IEP could include training for her teachers, behavior plans, services, and goals designed specifically for her. A diagnosis would probably not do anything good for your insurance, but it usually doesn't do anything bad either- unless you go for more than 6 months without insurance. She may be entitled to services through your state or national govt, like SSDI payments, respite, or Med-Care coverage. In my opinion, a diagnosis can do lots of good, and very little harm. Some people are concernd with a diagnosis being "on the record", but who will actually have access to those records? Probably only people who woudl be helped by that information, in my opinion. Anyway, I alwas said that they coudl call my son a pineapple upside down cake if it allowed him to get the help that he needed, and so far I have not been sorry.
Good luck!
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