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Is he eating less or am I making more?

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My son is just about 13 weeks and the past week or so I seem to constantly have engorged breasts. I can't figure out if he is eating less each time or less frequently. Also, now when he nurses my let down is so much stronger than it ever was I mean spraying! Has this happened to anyone? If I pump, will I just exacerbate the problem? Thx
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It just takes awhile to get everything leveled out. 12 weeks is usually a growth spurt- you probably started making lots more.... it will even out.

hang in there!

during those early weeks, i was also almost instantly engorged, definitely within an hour of ds's nursing sessions. and i also experienced this slightly overactive the point where ds would let go and get sprayed in the face. :LOL he was eventually able to stay latched on and now he enjoys the faster flow.

so long as he poops and has wet diapers, it doesn't seem like anything to worry about...keep up the good work of feeding your son the very best!!
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