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My DS is 2 1/2. He has some sensory/sensitivity issues so I don't know if that changes anything but I'm wondering what you all think about if he is ready to potty learn or not.

I am feeling the pressure from all the children around us PLing right now and I know that he sort of gets it-- He pretend plays his dolls going potty in his dollhouse, he is very interested when we go, he talks about kids going potty and watches videos and has books about it so we've started that preliminary process...BUT anytime that I try to get him to sit on the toilet (big one or his little potty) he refuses big time, and I'm not even pressuring him just gently asking if he would like to try/sit and he basically throws a fit. So then I back off and don't mention it for awhile. He also does NOT want to wear underwear. When I leave him naked and leave a potty out for him to discover/decide if he wants to use it he just pees whenever he has to which is actually every 15-20 minutes, and quite the puddle...(he drinks a LOT of liquids). That frequency makes me think maybe he doesn't have the control yet? Also often he doesn't even want to be naked he wants to have a diaper on.

So what do you think? Should I encourage him more? In a different way? Or just completely let it go for awhile? I definitely don't want it to backfire and I want to do this gently, its just that I feel like he "gets it" at least mostly which makes me think he's ready but maybe he is not emotionally ready. Advice???
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