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Ooooh, my poor little boy!!

I use a babymonitor each night, when Noah is asleep. So that I can do things around the house without being afraid that I won`t hear him if he wakes up.

Tonight he woke and cried for me, and I ofcourse went in to him.
BUT, I turned the volume off the babymonitor in the livingroom before going in to him. I had a friend over, and didn`t want her to have to listen to us talking in the bedroom.

He fell asleep just fine in a few minutes, and I left the bedroom again.

Almost half an hour later I hear him crying. I had forgotten to turn the volume on again...

So I have no idea how long he has been crying. Hi could have been crying the entire time. Or it could just have been a few minutes. Either way, he was really, really upset and afraid.

It took a long time to calm him down. I tried to tell him that if he gets scared, he can just come into the livingroom. But he never does. He just sist in bed, waiting for me to come to him. and normally I do go in there as soon as I hear him crying.

But tonight I didn`t hear him.

Is this as bad as CIO?

Please someone tell me that he will be totally ok again!?!

My poor Noah...
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