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Is homebirth illegal in Illinois???

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I'm confused...
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Homebirthing isn't illegal anywhere. Where legal issues come into play is with attendents. In some states it's illegal to have midwives attend homebirths. Some states only allow CNMs to attend.

There's a state or two (I think Nebraska is one) where it's even in the law books that husbands cannot catch a baby except in emergency. (There's your loophole...Oops! We couldn't get to the hospital on time).

But no where will you go to jail just for having your baby at home. Birth is too unpredicatable to make a law that sends women to jail for birthing at home.

Here are midwifery laws by state:

And midwifery legal status by state: In IL midwives are prohibited from attending homebirths.

However, check out

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all midwives aren't permitted from attending births in il.just lay midwives.i had a certified nurse midwife attend my homebirth.
I'm having a doctor attended home birth in Illinois. Insurance is even picking it up, so it is certainly not illegal. Good luck!
it is NOT illegal to have a baby at home in Illinois- I did.
What the deal is- illinois will not liscense the midwives-( lay midwives) - your insurance will pay for a LISCENSED care provider- a midwife in Illinois- can not get CERTIFIED by a state that will not certify- K_
They consider midwifery to be practicing medicine without a liscence- that is why midwives are somewhat rare in Illinois- cause they can get in trouble somewhat.
It is not as if they are hunted down tho!LOL!
If you have any other questions- I would be happy to ask my Illiois midwife friend!
Are you planning a homebirth in Illinois?
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