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is it appropriate for a Doula to attend prenatal appointment?

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any doulas out there ever do this? How do you midwives feel about it?
I guess I mostly ask for the more mainstream clients who may have an interest in more natural delivery but dont have the education on it, or would just like some knowledgable support when talking to there Drs about there birth plan.

I would think this should just be up to the client but would hate to go along and end up with a Dr being irritated with the client for it. ( I know, no one should have to deal with that kind of care but we have to be realistic here and alot of people think it is normal)
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I, who live in the smallest most mainstream town on the planet, always go to a prenatal appt, time permitting. I do it mainly to get familiar with the provider so that when I show up at the birth he or she has at least seen me once before, and knows that I'm a doula. In every experience, the provider has essentially totally ignored me after being introduced to me. Lovely. Usually the client and I have met a few times before that and talked about a birth plan, which she reviews with the provider (and he or she just "yes"'s my client, of course.)

Sorry, I'm feeling bitter tonight!
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Dont feel bad about sounding bitter, this is about all i expect from them around here as welll. Just seemed like a good idea since one of my friends who will also be one of my first clients has asked me to tag alone to one of hers, and more as her doula than her friend.. (I'm always invited to u/s as well , but thats the friend part

Thanks for replying, I see lots of veiws on this one but no one chiming in!
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just now reading it

I alwys offerto go and have had a couple people ask me to come and then change their mindd. more to say, wiggly babe on lap..

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In the next month, I'll be going to two. I suppose it will really depend upon the care provider whether it is even worth it to go...most of them I've really clicked with (luckily), and would certainly have benefitted from being even more comfortable with them at the labor/birth. However, there are those whose attitudes will be the same whether I've met them before, worked (I suppose "with" isn't the proper word here...)near/around/in the same room as them before, whatever. Those are the ones who are threatened no matter how well they know or don't know you. I don't see anything wrong with least then you'll be a little more prepared as to what to expect at the birth!
In my midwives' practice, the apprentices generally act as doula. There are two apprentices and one of them comes to every appt. At my last appt both were there bc it was the regualr day for one but I hadn't seen the other in a few months so she came just for me.

At the minimum, I'd want to have a doula there at the appt at which we discussed birth planning. I wouldn't be itnerested in being seen by a provider who had a problem with that.

But then, I'm homebirthing and don't have the same advocacy needs that most doula clients need.
I agree with you about not seeing someone who would be bothered by it. But in reality I may run across that situation in this area.

I have gotten to thinking though and I think it is a good idea. I think as I organize how I will do prenatal visits this will be part of it. Better start working on that, hmm.
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