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Is it HOT in here?

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The hot flashes are killing me!!! Anyone else?

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me too! I get them at night as soon as I lay down to go to sleep.
i'm very hot all the time. the temp. is starting to drop here where i live, but it doesn't matter, i feel like a fireball. actually, i have set up a fan right beside me that is constantly blowing on me(along with the ceiling fan), and thermostat way down. i'm still pretty hot.

edit: i naturally like colder weather too. being pregnant and hot doesn't suit me very well. rwar.
These flashes are hitting me throughout the day, and make me VERY miserable
At night I sleep with a fan blowing right on me, and that seems to be warding them off. I was waking up with them before.


Come on baby, don't you want to be born? I finally bought more hangers today so all of your clothes are hanging up now!!
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Yup. I'm dying with the hot flashes... of course, it doesn't help that we've also been having a heat wave. I spend my time going "is it me or is it the weather?"
We're just coming down from a week of 100 degree + temps. I was a very cranky pregnant woman!

Today is more comfortable by far, but I'm really looking forward to nice crisp autumn days!
yep, this has hit me this week. how odd. i keep asking everyone if it is hot, haha.
Me!!!! I keep asking all my family if they are hot, but nope just me and I'm so red!
I'm hot alot lately. don't remember this with the other two. yelled at dh the other day for turning off the ac without telling me as I was sweating up a storm.
I am dying. It was 55 last night and I was boiling. Tomorrow it is going to be 80. Luckily we have a midwife appointment and ds's 3 year old well visit. So we will be in Ac all day. I am such a wimp when it comes to heat and hot flashes.
yes, yes, yes. Except I had no idea what was going on until I saw this thread. I thought I was going crazy.
non-pregnant, I am always cold. Lately DH has been complaining that he's cold...I had to add another blanket to his side of the bed. I sleep with the fan blasting on me or I can't get comfortable. But it's more of an all-the-time thing for me, I don't really have hot flashes.
I'm burning up too. It seems a bit sudden! Good thing I didn't wear my dress with a jacket today.
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