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Originally Posted by Bella Babe View Post
See, I like knitting with sets of four better. It's tidier for me to only have a little two-pointed triangle in the back of my work than to mess with the rest of a square.

But that's just me.

No it's not. It's me too.
I much prefer 4 DPNs to 5, although sometimes 5 are handier (say, if you have a sock divided into 4 repeats of a pattern -- but even then you can put the first and last on one needle).

ITA that it helps (or helped me, at least) to remember that you are not in fact knitting with 4 or 5 needles at once; you are only ever knitting with two, just as you would with straights or with the two ends of a circ. The other needles are just holding your stitches, hanging out, waiting for you to need them.

It does get better with practice and time, but if you prefer circs or knitting flat, why not do that if you wish? Life is too short, yk?

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