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I am scared of them, too!
: But, I was forced to try them b/c I was making my picky pants and the shop was out of the smaller circulars. I was able to knit the tubes for the legs just fine, but I chose the seed stitch cuff at the bottom, and I kept messing it up until my circulars came in!

I do think that they just take practice, and I am happy that I have them b/c right after, I made a very easy hat for my son.

This is kind of funny, but since Ellien said "But, knitting in the round pre-dates straight knitting, so it's actually an older skill." It has made me want to do it more!
I thought it was a modern thing, but now that I know it is very ancient, I am totally into it! Makes me feel kind of Red Tent-ish, you know?
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