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Pausing from my knitting the LTK raglan in the round sweater to reply (multitasking these days
)....working on the sleeve right now which is knit on 10.5 DPNs and I'm using hpy bulky merino (
: oh, so soft).

I'm a beginner, too, though I skipped the scarves stage. I've done ribby wraps, picky pants, hats and a panta--and I much prefer circular needles! Though I do notice that once I get a block of time to sit down, I can get in a groove with the DPNs. But I have to get through that initial "frustration"--feeling like I'm all thumbs and getting the needles to behave and not get in my way--each time I go back to the DPNs! I'm hoping it gets easier, too...
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