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is it just me or is flax seed oil...

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...kind of nasty-tasting? :LOL I suppose it sort of makes sense that if it is rich in omega-3's that it sort of tastes fishy to me since fish is also high in omega-3's. But I'm bummed because I can't see adding it to my smoothies regularly, I can taste a tbsp of it strongly in a 16 oz smoothie. Do you get used to the taste after a while?
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It may taste bad because it's rancid. Flax oil is notoriously hard to keep fresh.
Try fresh flax seeds ground up with your smoothie or go to cod liver oil (the Nordic Naturals peach version is very mild and would be great in a smoothie).
or you could try flax meal. i put it on my cereal/ oatmeal, etc every morning.
Ugh, I have to agree with you. I can't stand even the smell of it, regardless if it's the first bit from a new bottle! DH uses it a lot, and we add it to DD #1's meals... I know it's good for her, so I put it on her food, but I have to wash my hands after. Oh well, she likes it!
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About it going rancid.

The last 2 bottles I've purchased have not gone rancid--do you think that's wierd? I smell it, take a little taste--it's never any different. I hear that it goes bad quickly but mine hasn't.
Then I get reluctant to use it in case it's bad and I don't know it :LOL
I love it in yogurt....add fresh fruit if you like. Or maybe some ground flax seeds as well.
We get around the taste by buying it in capsules.

I take Borage oil as well but this I take in liquid form. It's only a 1/4 tsp daily and I find it tastes OK.

ETA: Some oil company makes (in the refrigerated section of the HFS in black bottles) a flax-borage blend with herbs in it so it tastes good on salads with a little vinegar. Wouldn't work in a smoothie though! :nana:
I HATE flax oil. Ugh, it's so nasty! BUT, I LOVE ground flax seeds, which are better for you anyway, I think. I put them on salads, in smoothies, anything where I think they wouldn't really be noticed. MUCH better tasting than plain flax oil.
Yeah the smell and taste is nasty to me too but my 16 month old loves it off a spoon!! Wierdo!
I always thought that it was awful bitter stuff until I switched brands ( I was using the spectrum before) and now I think it just has a mellow nutty flavor. Perhaps the other stuff was rancid, but if so I think it must have been so from the start. Dunno. I always put it in morning smoothies or on rice or in salad dressing. DH puts it on his cereal. My absolute favorite is flax oil blended with fresh carrot juice-who would have thought, but it's so tasty!
I actually love the taste of it and so does my 5yo.
I love the taste too! (weird I know).
But I really can't stand the taste of coconut oil
The other day, I tried baking with ground flax seed. But the problem was that I only had whole flax seed, and could not get my food processor to grind them even a little bit. But I popped a few in my mouth to see what kind of consistency they had, and they were actually pretty good - crunchy, but not really hard. A nice flavor too.
I use ground flax meal in baking, to replace the oil in certain recipies. Has anyone else tried this? It really does work and we can't taste it!
I just bought my first bottle of flax seed oil and, having read this, I'm scared to taste it.

I'm supposed to take 1T. per day, right?

Maybe I should have gotten the seeds.....

Off to look for more flax oil threads,

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I absolutely love it. To me it tastes light and plantlike. I buy the spectrum brand. It doesn't taste fishy to me at all. I only notice a fishy odor on my baby's face after she eats it.
i agree, flax oil is nasty!!! i bought a btl. last month and downed a tbsp. without even thinking what it would taste like. Needless to say, I almost :puke .
This morning, I made a smoothie and poured some f.o. in, couldn't even taste was one of the best i've ever had!
I used raspberry's, blueberries, some bananna, coconut milk, and a little apple juice (all organic
I think that's the only way I will be able to hide it.
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btw, flax seeds (correct me if i'm wrong) have to be ground for the nutrients to be digested...unground seeds just go thru you.
I agree that if it tastes bad or fishy it is likely rancid. Mine is very light and slightly nutty tasting - I like it! I use it on fresh veggies and instead of salad dressing. Occasionally if I have a bottle too long it will turn fishy - I say chuck it and start over.
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