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My 5 week old DS has been nursing around the clock for most of the last 3 weeks. Occasionally he'll have a day or half of a day where he goes 2 hours between nursings, but most of the time he will literally want to nurse for hours at a time (for most of the day, not just a few hours like in cluster feeding). Its not just that, but if he's denied the breast (rarely, but a girls gotta pee, cook a meal, etc), he will scream himself into a fit as if he was starving.<br><br>
I don't think it is comfort sucking only, as he will spit out anything (pacifier, finger, etc) after a few sucks and he'll scream even louder.<br><br>
On top of this, at his 1 month appt, he was about 6-8 oz. under what the (holistic, bfing friendly) ped wanted to see. (Even though he was 3 oz up at his 2 week appt)<br><br>
On the other hand, he pees like there's no tomorrow, and poops several times a day also.<br><br>
Finally, he never, ever spits up, even after nursing for an hour or more, so I don't think he's getting excessive amounts of milk.<br><br>
I'm so confused!!! Any ideas??<br><br>
Additional info: I was off dairy (and therefore my caloric intake was drastically down) from weeks 2-4, I am now back to eating a ton and the problem is maybe a tiny bit better, but not much). Also, I had a cold during DS's 3rd week, and he is just getting over a cold now. Also, I took a bunch of menthol cough drops, not knowing until last night that it could lower supply.<br><br>
Okay, I think that is everything. TIA for any thoughts/advice.
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