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is it me

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i have been on klonipin since 96..4-5 mg a day. two years ago it was raised to 8 mg a day. This through MANY drs. I get back to this Dr that I don't like from the moment I step into his office. Bang....he cuts uit in half. Two months of a nervous break down. I kid you now. I have been trying to see other shrink at office but I am sure he won't undermine. Must see dumb ass one more time. I show up miss two appts, now I must take a class. Try ANOTHER shrik to avopid ti8me sucking class. BAM takes away rest of Klonipin. I go inot siezures without it. Er doesn't want to give it out. Reg physicial won't. I guess I have to wait for a "I am hearing bvoices " or I have to seize or I have to hurt myself. Is it me???? I know I have been avoiding this center subconsiously becasue I HATE it but I need my meds. I am going to a walk in tomorrow but my insurance won' cover any decent dr's and when they do the dr's decide to stoop taking it... I ahve gone through way to many caregivers and I ahve no trusting ralationship with a shrink, like one should, Help me please. Sorry for the spelling erors I have a UC breakout and had to get a shot of dlotid tonight
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Its not you. Klonopin is known to be highly addictive. It sounds like you are having withdrawal symptoms. Its outrageous that they took it away cold turkey. You need to consider either talk to them about titrating your dose down slowly, or find a doctor who will. Stopping abruptly like that is dangerous to your health. I would call them, daily if you must, and explain your terrible withdrawal symptoms. If you are willing to stop the Klonopin, indicate that you are willing to go off it, but you want to proceed at a slower pace by gradually reducing your dose. -Oubliette
I am also on Klonopin (2mg/day) and currently titrating down by.25mg every three days. This is what my psychiatrist recommended and I haven't had any problems doing it this way. My psych. did tell me it was addictive, albiet not as bad as Ativan, but still somewhat, and should not be stopped abruptly.
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